Women: Lift weights to get LEAN!

Do you want to lose weight? Lose that flabby body fat? Get toned? If you answered YES to any of these, the answer is using weights!

Yes girls – those dumbbells aren’t just for our other half to grunt with, we need them too. WHY? Well for starters…

  1. Using weights improves our bone density which really helps us when we get older (strong bones are less likely to break than weak ones!)
  2. Increasing your lean muscle mass means you burn more calories (yay!)
  3. Doing a weights workout will really increase your metabolism after you’ve finished

I’d just like to make one thing clear right now – well two things really…

  1. Firstly – you will NOT look like a bodybuilder if you lift weights- unless of course that is your goal. Women do not have enough testosterone to bulk up like men do. Sometimes unfortunately male and female bodybuilders also take steroids so some pictures are an unrealistic image of natural bodybuilders anyway
  2. Secondly – I’m sorry but lifting pretty girly weights of 2-3kg won’t cut it. You need to lift heavier weight to get these benefits. Sure – at first if you are a beginner who has never done weights before; you will need to start slowly. HOWEVER, your body is clever and it adapts to the stress you place on it, so you will need to keep increasing the weight to tone up. Ideally you want to select a weight that you are struggling (I mean honestly struggling – can’t lift the weight) at about 10reps.
    Trust me, you will notice your bits firming up quicker than ever. After a month or two of doing weights like this – you’ll wonder why you ever wasted years doing pump classes.
    so girls remember – to LOSE it, you have to LIFT it!

Happy lifting!