Personal Training Penrith

Choose a Coaching option which suits your needs.

ALL bodies are good bodies!! At Origin Fitness, we embrace Body Positivity and Health at Every Size.

I love working with people to help them feel better about themselves and their bodies.

We provide our unique and positive Health and Fitness Coaching services in Penrith and surrounding areas.

At Origin Fitness we aim to help you increase your confidence in your body and yourself. We aim to nurture, support and guide you to learn about your unhelpful behaviours and how to change them.

How does it work?

Step 1) Book your Initial Consultation and Assessment Session and I will contact you within a few days

Step 2) Fill out all required information and forms before the appointment and arrange payment

Step 3) Meet me for your 1 hour Consultation Session! We will cover everything from health and exercise history, (including any mental health concerns and any current and past injuries), conduct a movement analysis, discuss your goals, see if we are the right fit for ongoing Health and Fitness Coaching, receive a plan to take away from here or proceed to ongoing appointments.

Step 4) Decide which level of Coaching suits your needs from basic to VIP

Step 5) Live your best life!

What do we do in our Coaching Sessions?

Planning (e.g. time management, meal planning), goal-setting (life, exercise, health, personal), movement integration and exercise programming, exercise (e.g. weights, core, cardio, walking), counselling (discussion about difficulties and how to work through these), shopping (navigating the supermarket), meal creation (discovering ideas of what to make), eating and enjoying (e.g. mindful eating practice at home or out).

Origin Fitness is for you if – you are struggling with your health and fitness and your self confidence.

What Origin Fitness is NOT

  • Large groups of 20+ people
  • Our trainers do not use guilt or bullying tactics with our clients
  • We do not promote 6 or 12 week weight loss programmes
  • No strict or fad diets
  • ‘Just’ personal training.

Book your  consultation session today by filling out our contact form or call Rebekah 0410 630 669