No Excuses, only Reasons

Once we accept that in order to lose weight successsfully we need to change our current behaviours around exercise and food, we then need to be brave enough to start examining all the excuses we use to justify why we are not actually doing what it takes to change.

The excuses we use are many and varied but some of the more common ones are;

  • I’m too busy to exercise
  • I’m too tired or sore
  • I’ve blown it now I may as well start tomorrow a fresh
  • I don’t have enough time to exercise and eat right
  • I don’t like low fat, low cal foods.

And I’m sure you can think of some more of your own.

When we use these excuses we give away our power to change (and thus our ability to reach for that fit healthy life we desire) So why do we give this power away? Because in doing so we also feel less responsibility for the current situation, and if I am not responsible for it I can not change it. It gets us off the hook whenever we are feeling stressed, pressured or incapable of doing what is needed.

“So how do I change that? I really am busy !!!!!!!!!!!!” I hear you all scream

The change happens when you stop yourself giving excuses and you start looking for reasons why you want something and think of ways around the obstructions (both real and imaginary).In doing so you give yourself back the power in those situations.

For example

At times the pressures of daily living will mean you cannot fit in the planned exercise session. During these times you have two options.

  1. Give away your power and just unquestionably accept that you don’t have time today and do nothing (this is an excuse, and does nothing to move you towards your goal)
  2. Accept that you may not be able to get to the planned exercise, but then remind yourself about your goal, and the reasons why it is important to take control of the situation, and then, make modifications. This may mean doing a session at home instead of the gym, It may mean doing squats in the kitchen while cooking dinner, doing step ups while supervising homework, or taking yourself for a run/walk at lunch time. (this is accepting there is a difficulty, and using reason to come up with a solution that still moves you towards your goals)

I understand that the telling is a lot easier than the doing, and at times we all fall back into old habits, the trick is in catching yourself before it becomes habit again. Remember that if you want something badly enough, you will be prepared to work for it.

So try to avoid accepting excuses and concentrate on the reasons why that fit healthy life style you desire is worth the effort, if you concentrate on what you want! And what you need to do to get there! It really does become easier to think of a way around any obstacle, and in doing so you will feel empowered and in control.