More vs. Better

You want to make a change to your health and fitness and you’ve decided to go ‘all in’.

You feel pumped! Motivated! Driven! You have that fire in your belly and are excited to get stuck into it.

You go absolutely ALL in. You combine MORE exercise and LESS food. You work your bum off for a while.

And guess what…it actually works. You see ‘results’ (your weight has come down or you might lose some cm’s).

Because you can see things changing you think, ‘Oh, if that worked I can do even MORE things and I’ll get even MORE results!’

And then what happens when things stop working (which they will)? How do you change then? Even MORE exercise and even LESS food?

This. Does. Not. Work.

Doing more and more and more will cause you to feel exhausted because you are basically running on empty. Is it sustainable??

If you push your body to this point, it will push back.

Sometimes for people this means actually storing more body fat. So while they are eating less and less, their body will be storing more and more. Do you see the problem with this cycle?

MORE is not necessarily BETTER…


Do fantastic workouts but do them BETTER.

Make every single rep, set, step, press, swing, breath COUNT. Increase the intensity.

Eat BETTER foods that will give you energy, not LESS.

Sure, you might need to go super hard for a short time and then settle into a new routine to maintain those changes, but generally speaking, make changes that you can continue in 6 months time. Do things that you can see yourself doing as part of your regular routine.

Make it sustainable.

Make it enjoyable!