25 Holiday Tips

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…a family bbq and then a work cocktail function meaning a very bloated tummy for me! Okay so, I know you get the drift. Christmas means catching up with friends, family and also attending various celebrations and functions. Often this can be more than… Read more »


5 Healthy Meal Swaps

SWAP: Takeaway hot chips for home-made sweet potato chips – save yourself about 150 calories. (Try sprinkling with cumin and coriander for a spicy flavour) SWAP White bread with your homemade soup, for a small wholegrain dinner roll. You get extra fibre and B vitamins with the wholegrains, not to mention more room to fill… Read more »


5 Top tips to avoid snacking:

We’ve all done it. You know what I mean…snacking when we’re not supposed to. (Munching on the kid’s toast, testing a spoonful of pasta…or five…) But it’s all those ‘extras’ that add on the calories into your day, which means you’re not losing weight. So you need to eat what you need and no more…. Read more »


Exercise and goals

One of the most popular questions relating to exercise is ‘What are your goals?’. And in theory it sounds easy to answer “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get fit” or “I want to tone up”. While these are all valid goals, they tend to be very generalised. If you have ever… Read more »


I’m too busy to exercise

I’m too busy to exercise… Out of all the reasons people use to not exercise, ‘no time’ has to be the most popular. Whether you are in the corporate world, doing shift work or are a full time parent, there’s no doubt you are busy. But if you ask around, I’m sure most people will… Read more »


12 Days of Christmas Tips!

Christmas and weight loss don’t normally go hand in hand. Usually, we wait until we’ve eaten and drunk too much then vow to lose weight come the New Year. Why wait? For those of you who are already on the weight loss train, don’t have an extended stop at binge town before getting back on… Read more »


Women: Lift weights to get LEAN!

Do you want to lose weight? Lose that flabby body fat? Get toned? If you answered YES to any of these, the answer is using weights! Yes girls – those dumbbells aren’t just for our other half to grunt with, we need them too. WHY? Well for starters… Using weights improves our bone density which… Read more »


10 Nutrition Myths

10 Nutrition Myths Here are some common myths about food that may surprise you… 1. ‘I need to diet to lose weight’ Dieting alone to lose weight is unhealthy and will make you fatter in the long run. Incorporating exercise with a good nutrition plan in the best way to lose weight and keep it… Read more »


No Excuses, only Reasons

Once we accept that in order to lose weight successsfully we need to change our current behaviours around exercise and food, we then need to be brave enough to start examining all the excuses we use to justify why we are not actually doing what it takes to change. The excuses we use are many… Read more »


If You Are Not Prepared to Change Something Then Nothing

Imagine for the moment that you are driving your car and on your right is the corner you wish to turn, but you do nothing . You don’t start to slow down, you don’t indicate and you don’t start to turn the wheel. Instead you just keep doing exactly the same thing you where doing… Read more »