5 Top tips to avoid snacking:

We’ve all done it. You know what I mean…snacking when we’re not supposed to. (Munching on the kid’s toast, testing a spoonful of pasta…or five…)

But it’s all those ‘extras’ that add on the calories into your day, which means you’re not losing weight. So you need to eat what you need and no more. Here are my top tips to help avoid snacking all day long.

1. Don’t do it! I know, it’s not much of a tip, but still. Make a decision to only eat what’s on your meal plan, and nothing else. Notice when you are about to put something in your mouth, then just put the food down.

2. Drink water: Water helps keep your tummy full

3. Green tea: Not only is it hot and takes a while to drink, but it can also help burn fat. Aim for 2-3 a day.

4. Brush your teeth: Or suck on a sugarfree mint or sugarfree gum. It keeps your mouth busy, plus you never feel like eating after you’ve had a mint.

5. Avoid the traps: If going for seconds is your thing, as soon as you dish out your meal, put the rest of the leftovers in the fridge. If you like to snack on things in the cupboard, make them harder to get to, like put the biscuits in bags, within bags within bags…that way, you really need to work hard to get to access the snack, and the more likely you will think about what you are doing.