5 Healthy Meal Swaps

SWAP: Takeaway hot chips for home-made sweet potato chips – save yourself about 150 calories. (Try sprinkling with cumin and coriander for a spicy flavour)

SWAP White bread with your homemade soup, for a small wholegrain dinner roll. You get extra fibre and B vitamins with the wholegrains, not to mention more room to fill up on the nutritious vitamins and minerals from your fresh soup

SWAP Your packaged frozen dessert for poached apples with cinnammon. Super quick and flavoursome, you don’t need all the extra sugar, fat and calories in a pastry dessert. Better still skip dessert and have a cup of green tea

SWAP Beef Lasagne (often about 400-500 calories!) for a vegetarian option without pasta sheets. You can make yummy combinations eg. chargrilled zucchini, eggplant, capsicum with low-fat ricotta and herbs

SWAP Beef Sausage (about 200 calories per sausage) for a Kangaroo version (100 cal). Super lean and high in iron and protein, this is definitely a smart swap