12 Hour PT Challenge

Origin Fitness 12 Hour PT Challenge

We have run our unique 12 Hour PT Challenge since 2010.

In 2013, our 12 hour event was to raise money for The Nepean Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Parents Support (NNICUPS). It is a charity that provides funds for the NICU at Nepean Hospital. The participants in 2013 and their families and friends raised $8000 for NNICUPS.

In 2014 the event was bigger and better than ever. Our participants raised a MASSIVE $14,000 for the NICU!

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You can PRE-REGISTER for the 2015 ’12 Hour PT Charity Challenge’ and save 10%!

What’s involved in the 12 Hour PT Charity Challenge

WHAT: Join us for a day of fun, exercise, games and activities and raise money for the babies in the Nepean NICU and their families. This is NOT a competition or a race. We start together and finish together.

WHEN: TBA May 2015 6am-6pm (12 hours)
12 Hr PT Challenge 2014 – Information sheet (324 KB)

WHERE: TBA – Penrith area


WHO: Anyone! There will be different groups from beginners to advanced.

HOW: You must register and pay a donation to participate


  1. Our son William  was born 11 weeks premature, weighing just shy of 1kg. The journey of a NICU parent is extremely challenging. We promised we would give back to help other families and their little people in NICU
  2. The concept of the 12 Hour PT Challenge came about to offer to clients to push themselves and see what they are truly capable of.

Put them together and we decided to open it up to everyone to raise money for the NICU.

We like to think of this event in a similar way to being a parent in the NICU. At the beginning you think “I can’t do this”. Day in and day out of the NICU journey was SO hard. When you first hear the words ’12 Hour’ you think the same thing!

Throughout our time in the NICU we were surrounded by supportive people which really helped make the experience easier. At the 12 hour there are so many people supporting and encouraging everyone else to make it through.

At the end of our time in the NICU we looked back and thought “I can’t believe we did that”. In the end you feel an immense pride and satisfaction for what you achieved.

Remember that it is HARD not IMPOSSIBLE!

We want to give the babies at NICU more chances to survive so they can grow up into toddlers like our son, and into adulthood.

We want to demonstrate that a journey is hard NOT impossible.

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