Origin Fitness
Origin Fitness is the only Health and Fitness Coaching and Personal Training in Penrith which provides a weight-neutral approach. ALL bodies are welcome here. No focus on weighing, measuring or diets. We focus instead on:

  • Self-compassion.
  • Being curious about movement and finding different ways to move your body.
  • Support and guidance no matter what your history and current level of fitness or size.
  • Connection and relationships

I am a fitness professional and registered HAES Specialist and follow the guidelines of the Health At Every Size approach.

Origin Fitness is an intimate and lovely non-judgemental space.

  •  Perhaps you are unhappy with yourself and know something has to change.
  •  Perhaps you don’t believe in yourself.
  •  You need support, guidance and motivation…

That is where we come in. Contact us to arrange a consultation where we can discuss what you need.

Feel welcomed, supported and nurtured as we  help YOU change your life for the better.
No gimmicks or quick fixes…only REAL advice for REAL people.
Receive the highest quality service and Personal Training in the Penrith area.


** NOW offering Coaching in Balmain! **